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Help Make a Map by Testing your own Soil

In 2001, Mr. Kevin Doherty (and associates) began a research project on arsenic and its origin and distribution throughout the New England area, specifically central Massachusetts. Several papers were presented at professional conferences, a list of which is provided below.

The goal of our current research project is twofold; (1) use social media to enhance data gathering and (2) identify other areas in the country which, like central Massachusetts, have elevated arsenic concentrations in the soil and identify the causes.
As with any research project, funding is critical to success. Two companies have provided their support to launch this project, Knoll Environmental and New England Testing Laboratory. Mr. Doherty is grateful for their support and for your participation in this important research project.


Sending in a Sample

Email Miles Schelling at or fill out the form below to request a free soil sample test. Miles will respond to your email by sending you a form for you to print out. After you receive this form, collect your soil sample(s). You can use a trowel to dig a few inches under the surface. Greater than 10 grams is needed for each sample so a few handfuls should suffice. Simply take a few handfuls of soil, sift out the small pebbles, and put it in a plastic bag. You can then send your soil and form directly to the testing lab.

The results of your soil test will take approximately 3-4 weeks. Your results will be emailed to the email address you provided.


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Fill out the form below to request a tracking form and for directions on taking a sample.

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This analytical result pertains only to the sample(s) provided. The researchers in this study and the sponsors Knoll Environmental and New England Testing Laboratory assume no responsibility for discrepancies in the analytical attributes of the identified source and the submitted sample caused by improper sampling, misrepresentation of sample identity, changes in source quality or other circumstances beyond our control. These results have been obtained through testing the submitted sample for Arsenic in accordance with accepted practices in analytical chemistry. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, either expressed or implied.

Images from: 'Map of Arsenic concentrations in groundwater of the United States', 2011, Jo Ann M. Gronberg. And




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